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Poem: unfold

Written on April 16th 2014
one of those days that fall between too late at night and too early in the morning.

Poem: one day, it'll all make sense

Written on March 31st 2014
you are worth all the are worth every risk.

Poem: tell me what you see

Written on March 29th 2014
they all have a story

Projects: Creative at CHNLD Management

Written on March 14th 2014
I first met Kevin Thomson in Manhattan, NY....he left Bad Boy (was there 5 years in publishing as a Lawyer) and started working with Creative Control Tv managing artist and handling a lot of the music end of things there

Poem: tea

Written on March 11th 2014
whats a heart without you? whats a mug without my favorite tea?

Projects: little idea

Written on March 6th 2014
the little idea is a platform where we make little ideas become reality....creating a community for people to grow and connect through art. Bringing a new culture / scene to the current area that can appeal to anyone.

poem: lets fall

Written on February 20th 2014
lets walk to the edge of our minds together....and watch the universe spin out of control near the soles of our shoes.

Projects: poetry/creative hideaway

Written on February 4th 2014
here is an update to the [ words in Grey ] poetry workshop schedule. Any changes will be made directly here.

Poem: Jazz

Written on February 4th 2014
my first time being introduced to Jazz...then years later, being re-introduced to Jazz.